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Singapore Travel Airlines Hotels Australiaingapore's multi-racial heritage gives it a rich culture while its efficiency and modernity ensure comfort. Although geography has played a part in the success of Singapore, its mainstay is its people.

A population of almost four million comprises of 77 per cent Chinese, 14 per cent Malays, 8 per cent Indians and 1 per cent Eurasians and people of other descent. English is the lingua franca and the costumes and customs of all these races give Singapore a unique character.

Singapore's multi-racialism also brings about abundance food variety. From the local favourites to international delicacies, Singapore has it all to make any epicurean's dreams come true! This culinary paradise also offers some of the most exciting shopping experiences in Asia.

From deluxe malls, suburban town centres to old fashioned shophouses, you will find a wealth of irresistible shopping venues in Singapore.

Singapore awaits you...

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